The Digital Bitbox : An extremely minimalistic hardware wallet


The Digital Bitbox is a Bitcoin hardware wallet which focuses on minimalism and security. The wallet is a simple black USB device with a micro SD card slot. The device is plastic, hence does not feel as premium as say a Ledger Nano, but the translucent cover makes it look great from a distance and gives it a finished and polished exterior. However, it more than makes up for its plastic body in the functionality department.Read more

Cryptosteel: The indestructible cold wallet

At the core, a Bitcoin wallet is nothing more than a private key. Anyone who owns such a key is able to spend its corresponding funds through the Bitcoin network. Consequently, many “cold storage” methods are available for users to store their private keys in a safe and offline environment.

Cryptosteel is an indestructible backup tool for storing sensitive information as a sequence of alphanumeric characters engraved on stainless steel.Read more

The Ledger suite of products: Nano, Unplugged & HW1

In this post, we have a look at all the products that Ledger has to offer, excluding the Ledger Blue which will be covered extensively later.

Ledger Nano:

Ledger nano is a smart card powered bitcoin hardware wallet which implements the same practices that have been used in the banking industry. It looks similar to most of the slim USB Pendrives that are currently available in the market and is extremely easy to use.… Read more

Ledger Wallet Nano Review: Extremely affordable and feature rich

Ledger is one of the cheapest and most affordable hardware wallet developed by French-based company founded by the team behind BTChip , La Maison du Bitcoin and Chronocoin. Having raised around €1.3m in the seed funding round, they have been committed to the development of high-level security hardware for bitcoin storage.

The Ledger Nano, a hardware wallet currently priced at €29, features a bank-grade security smart card and a minimalistic design.… Read more

Bitcoin trezor review: The best bitcoin hardware wallet

The Trezor bitcoin hardware wallet seems reasonably priced for the features it offers, powered by a 120 MHz ARM Cortex M3 processor and a 128×62 LED screen, developed by SatoshiLabs who are also behind CoinMap and Slush Pool, the trezor is essentially, one of the easiest and most secure means of storing large amounts of bitcoins without worrying about them. Customer support was nothing less than excellent- having some trouble with the connection on the device which turned out to be a problem with the USB cable, customer service offered to check the device and send a replacement if it was found to be faulty.… Read more

CoolWallet: a wallet that fits in your wallet

In the bitcoin hardware wallet ecosystem, security is no doubt, the topmost priority. However, a simplified approach coupled with ease of use is something every bitcoiner would want. One of the issues might be that of a hardware wallet being bulky and it requires you to connect the wallet to a host device through a cable. This is where CoolWallet comes in.

CoolBitx is a company based in Taiwan, which has been dedicating its resources to the development of CoolWallet: and extremely portable, durable, practical and secure hardware wallet.… Read more

Digital Bitbox wallet overview

Digital Bitbox is a hardware wallet as minimal as it can get. It only creates and keeps private keys for signing bitcoin transactions, and it’s used by connecting to a computer as a plug-and-play USB drive.

It is a one-piece device. No cables or battery chargers are needed. All you do is plug the device into your USB port and you’re good to go!

digital bitbox walletSecure Private Keys

As most hardware wallets, Digital Bitbox secures your private keys in a tamper-resistant microcontroller.… Read more

An insight into BitStash – hardcore bitcoin security

 NOTE: THE OFFICIAL BitStash website is currently offline

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While most of the hardware wallet alternatives in the market offer a decent degree of security for storing bitcoins, many of them also tend to sacrifice some user experience in lieu of security. Bitstash is a hardware wallet that aims to offer the best possible of both traits.

Bitstash features a 3-tier storage solution in order to tackle all the major use cases for bitcoin users: home wallet, mobile wallet, and cold storage.… Read more

Case bitcoin hardware wallet – a brief overview

Case bitcoin hardware walletOne of the major barriers between Bitcoin and the average non-tech-savvy user is the inherent complexity in Bitcoin technology, especially regarding the diverse world of bitcoin wallets. Most secure methods for storing bitcoins require technical knowledge that is outside the scope of average people, and most user-friendly services lack the tight security that is undoubtedly needed in the Bitcoin space.

Hardware wallets are a good security solution for storing funds, but few of them offer a truly intuitive and simple user experience.… Read more

Bitcoin Hardware wallet: The definitive guide

vault final

A bitcoin wallet is usually a file which contains the private keys required to access and spend bitcoins associated with a bitcoin address. Naturally, you need to make sure your private key is secured in order to maintain a high degree of security for your bitcoin funds. There are many reasons why a bitcoin hardware wallet, though a bit costly should be chosen for storing the bulk of your bitcoins.… Read more